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The plastic products available with us comprise of plastic glass sets, bathroom mugs, kitchen accessories, basins, baskets, jugs and many more. These plastic products have extensively found multiple applications in homes, colleges, schools, offices, corporate houses, hotels, restaurants and various other places. With in-depth understanding of technology, markets, management structures, raw materials, manpower requirements and the latest technologies available over the world, we offer you customized solutions. We have a professional team of technicians with years of experience.

Parmar Industries is also a Safety Endorsed Company. Our Vision is to Contribute to sustainable resource management through innovation, design and service. Our in-house engineering and production teams are based in India to provide locally produced, fully (injected) or blended products to suit your requirements.

We manufacture huge amount of plastic products, required in different sectors. We also supply plastic products to different industries at reasonable rates so that the buyer can earn the desired profit percentage from the seller from different sectors of society. Parmar Industries has spearheaded the modernization of Indian plastic industry with many technology advancements. The world acknowledges its outstanding quality, which always seeks perfection.

Over the years, we have mastered the manufacture of plastic products and we are proud to say that we currently have one of the known manufacturing plants in Mumbai, India. Our clients are diverse, ranging from individuals to general dealers. Our large and diverse range of clients in the market just goes to show that we are efficient, reliable ruler manufacturers who produce high quality products.

Plastic has transformed our lives. Tough and resilient, yet appealing to the eye: they are easily replacing conventional media like wood, metal and stone. Their inherent beauty, versatility and utility make them the preferred choice- at home and at the workplace. Our Mission is to give best quality of products to the customer as per their need. Contact us now to find out more about our Drums, Buckets, Big Tubs & Mini Tubs, Round Trays & Kitchen Trays, Plastic Supada, Plastic Dust Pan, Basin Tubs, Baskets, Dustbin & Plastic Virgin items or to receive a quote.

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